Hi! Thank you for visiting my site 🙂

Hi! Thank you for visiting my site 🙂

I am a singer-songwriter artist living in Montreal QC, Canada. I have been a professional musician since the 8th grade when I was hired to play piano for over 1000 people at a law firm Christmas party when i was 14 years old. It was a long dinner and I didn’t know what I was going to play so I ended up improvising and expanding on songs I had learned during piano lessons. I realized then that it really didn’t take much to apply what I had learned in lessons and that I could share this gift, as long as I continued to think “outside of the box”.  Now I try to pass on this creative way of learning to my students.

Although it was something I never really thought possible, I became a professional pianist and recording artist. Firstly I began playing restaurants and church services and eventually went on to study classical piano performance at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Calgary AB. From there I started a music school of piano and guitar students where I encouraged constant collaboration of styles and interests amongst the pupils which included a variety of age ranges and musical styles. Under my tutelage everyone learns how to read, write, and improvise on the piano and is encouraged to follow their individual musical interests.

As a professional musician I have toured Canada and the US and ended up eventually producing electronic industrial techno music and have contributed to various albums and TV shows, such as the CBS series Unforgettable as well as in movie soundtracks and commercials.

Aside from this art practice and from teaching, I am passionately interested in people and human development. Because of my many years experience teaching, I understand the art of catering curriculums to individual people.  Along the way many pupils worked through musical difficulties as well as personal ones, coming out the other side with new found confidence and appreciation for music. In the end my student recitals have always been a total hit, crowded with friends and family with an exhibition of diverse musical  content; from Beethoven to Elton John, Erik Satie to pop, boogie, ragtime and jazz.


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photo: playing outdoor concert on the  ‘public piano’ @ Parc and St.Viatteur, Montreal CA

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