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Policies and Agreement Form 2019 / 2020

*please sign and return prior to or at your first lesson

Lesson Schedule and Fees:  A full term consists of one lesson per week for a specified number of weeks.  Term one runs from Tuesday September 3rd 2019 to December 20th 2019.  Term two runs from January 6th 2020 to June 26th 2020. 

Statutory Holidays & Spring Break:  Lessons that fall on statutory holidays are not included in the term fees.  Lessons will not be taught on statutory holidays.  There are no lessons Dec 24- Jan5th 2020, and March 2nd – 6th 2020 due to spring break.

Registration Fee: A non-refundable $25 registration fee must accompany your registration (25$ per student). This fee guarantees you a lesson time for the year and covers use of studio library materials, a music cahier/dictation book and photocopies.  If a mutually agreeable lesson time cannot be agreed upon the $25 registration fee will be refunded within 30 days. 

Piano Lesson length: A 45 minute piano lesson is recommended, however for beginner students who are in their first 2-3 years of study a 30 minute lesson may be acceptable.  60 minute lessons are required once students begin RCM level 5.


30 minute lesson: $100/per month (25$ per lesson)          

45 minute lesson: $140/per month (35$ per lesson)         

60 minute lesson: $180/per month (45$ per lesson)

Drop Ins:


Payment Options: (circle one below)

1. A series of post-dated cheques made out for the first day of each month (eg. Sept 1, 2019, Jan, 2020 etc).  *Cheques can be made out to Kara Keith.  The cost per month will be divided equally per month from September until June. This method of payment is preferred.  Please bring all cheques to your first lesson.

2. Payment for term 1 and term 2 in full by cash, e-transfer, or with two cheques dated September 1st 2019 and January 1st 2020.

3. Cash/cheque/e-transfer payment on or before the 1st of every month.  The cost per month will be divided equally per month from September until June. *Cheques can be made out to Kara Keith.

Service charges:  Overdue accounts will be charged a $10.00 administration fee per month.  NSF Cheques will be charged a $20.00 service fee.  If a student’s fee becomes more than 30 days overdue lessons may be discontinued and the student’s lesson time may be given to a child on the waiting list.

Cancellation Fee: For students withdrawing from private lessons, a cancellation fee that is equivalent to 4 lessons will be charged unless 4 full weeks’ notice is given (28 days).

Required Materials: Students must have a piano to practice on outside of lesson time.  The piano must be tuned and maintained regularly. A metronome (or an app with a metronome feature) is also required.  If students are interested in certain styles of music or particular music selections they are required to find the sheet music/partition either online or at one of the city’s music stores. (i.e. Archambault). Students must bring all music books as well as music cahier (dictation book) to every lesson.

Missed Lesson Policy:  Lessons missed by the teacher will be re-scheduled or a refund will be offered.  If 12 hours’ notice is provided by the parent that a lesson will be missed due to sickness or other non foreseen incidences Kara Keith Piano will place your name on a list and will inform you about any available lesson times that open up in the next 5 weeks.  A make-up lesson however is not guaranteed and you will still be charged the full amount for the missed lesson. 

Hygiene: All students must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before their piano lesson.  Fingernails must be kept short to ensure proper technique and that they do not click and slide on the piano keys.

Parental Involvement: Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on their child’s entire piano lesson if they are in their first four months of study.  Once beginner students have completed four months of study parents are encouraged to come into the studio and sit in on the last 5 minutes of their child’s lesson.  This will allow the teacher to communicate with the parents, celebrate progress and achievements, and set goals for the future.  Siblings are generally not allowed in the studio during lesson times as they can be distracting, however, if two siblings have their lesson back to back they may come to lessons together provided one sibling does not distract the other.  Parents are asked to please wait quietly in the waiting area or kitchen and are asked not to interfere in anyway during the lesson.  If there is a specific issue that you would like to address with the teacher please come in early at the start of your child’s lesson to allow ample time for discussion.

Expectations: A practice time of 30 mins at a minimum of 4-6 days a week is required for all students over the age of 6 and a daily practice of 10-15 mins for those students 6 or under.

In consideration of the teacher, student and apartment neighbours please enter and exit the lessons in an orderly, quiet fashion. i.e. No yelling, laughing, talking in the staircase. Please do not ring the doorbell or knock on the upstairs door.

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