Even though school was IN and continues to be IN our homes, we have a break in lessons until January 4th 2021. So technically school is out! let’s go outside! play in the snow. Play the Christmas songs you learnt at piano and have a nice time with friend (singular) and family 🙂

Thanks everyone who adapted to the new format of lessons after the lockdown. Zoom hasn’t been easy, but the fact that everyone has progressed in their piano studies despite this obstacles is a testament to the maturity level of each and every student. As always, it is a pleasure to work with you all and I look forward to learning more music with you in 2021 pushing you to achieve higher skill levels and proficiency and to learn a wider range of composers and music.

note to parents: there will be an updated policy posted for January 1st 2021 with new pricing for all the new students. For the enrolled full time students it is business as usual with monthly online payments of the same fee.

May music bless your home with joy and may the gifts of the holiday season be among us!!!