Throughout my two years of lessons, Kara has pushed me to play and create music I never thought I could. I learn not only how to play music, but to feel and understand it. Also, Kara is very wise and funny. 
-Sashka, 16
“She opened my heart, my hands and my mind to the wonder of making music and effortlessly instilled the passion to practice–willingly and often.  This is the unrivaled magic of learning the piano from Ms. Kara Keith. Fabulous fun–truly memorable–even as a mature student who always wanted to learn to play and finally got the chance through this lovely lady.”  Elaine M, 55 years old

“I started piano lessons and within 5 weeks I was able to play 3 short pieces from memory. Kara is a great teacher and quickly understood the right method that worked for me.”
–Jennifer P. 32 years old

“I like how she teaches, i really like how its done. I like the songs she picks they really flow. I feel very comfortable with Kara” – Iggy 8 1/2 yrs old.



There are many aspects to learning music the benefits of which will enrich your life in meaningful ways that will last a life time. I believe that there are as many different ways to learn piano as there are people who want to learn, and that is why I have taken a keen interest in the psychology of learning and cater the method of teaching to the needs of each student.  Wether your goal is to one day play Chopin’s Etude in Eb major, or to play a selection from Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or maybe you’ve always wanted to explore your own creativity but weren’t sure how to write a song, I can guide you in learning piano with a curriculum designed for just YOU. I can give you the tools and guidance to get you, or your loved one, to reach your goals.

Kara Keith   

BFA film and painting studies,

Diploma Classical Piano RCM,

Professional recording artist and international performer for over 15 years