Erik Satie’s vast simplicity

Erik Satie is considered by many music scholars, to be the official creator of ambient music. The first time we hear these Gnossienne, we are made aware of the space between notes, and therefor are brought into an awareness of our own space in the world. The captions in this video are from Satie’s original notation, an inspirational language unto itself.

At first glance this is not difficult music to learn to play, however it is deceivingly vast in its deep complexities of colour and unexpected turns of phrase. Much like gazing at a flower or noticing the clouds in the sky, this music offers a portal into the vast world of heaven on earth. A world where both light and dark co-exist in mutual respect and in the balance are perfectly placed notes that fall carefully from the fingers like raindrops from the sky. 

It is with great humility I play and teach to others, this Gnossienne no.1 in f minor.